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C2. Blended Learning Mobility

One blended mobility for learners in Portugal.

You can download the C2. Activity Report, here...

AGENDA of the “C2: Blended learning mobility”

General Description:

Organizer and host of this blended learning mobility was P.6 ANJAF from Lisbon (Portugal).

The blended mobility for Adult Learners is addressed to AE educators (they are our ‘learners’ in this project activity).

This training activity was implemented based on O3: Handbook I "The Adult Educator’s Handbook: a new approach of multiculturalism and religion for peaceful and rightful coexistence”.

It is part 3 of O4: Training course for Adult educators “Managing multicultural and multi-ethnic groups for tolerance and good coexistence”.

The blended mobility was performed after the finalization of O3.

The achievements of the blended mobility - in terms of new Knowledge, Skills and Competences of AE educators as beneficiaries of the blended mobility - were used to develop Handbook II for learners living in multicultural societies “One day in the shoes of ‘The Other’”.

The blended learning mobility was attended by 32 participants (4 AE educators from each of the 8 organisations of the Us&Them consortium).

The mobility consisted of 5 days of training (8 hrs/day x 5 working days =40 hrs).

Working language was English.

Each day, the professional training activities lasted for at least 8 hours.

Based on evaluation results, participants (except the 4 participants of ANJAF) received the Europass Mobility Certificate issued by ANJAF.

Detailed programme of the blended learning mobility:

Day 1: (9:30 – 18:30)-26-09-2016

2h: Welcome by ANJAF. Presentation of those who are participating in the mobility and their getting to know each other: trainers from ANJAF + 32 trainees

Presentation of ANJAF: goals & objectives, main activities, staffs, target groups, -Sofia Castro Pereira

0.30h: Short review of the work programme for the whole week, performed by ANJAF trainers. Discussions.

1.30h: Initial evaluation of trainees, done by ANJAF specialists, in the field of multi- and inter-cultural education

Presentation of the evaluation activity

- Inicial Evaluation

- Activities and Workshops

- Final Evaluation – Quiz

1h: Lunch break

1h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists, regarding the Concepts; Culture; Interculturality;multiculturality; pluriculturality; religion

2.30h: Practical task/activity: Pedagogical Game “Stay in the Role of the Other”

0.30h: Recap of the day and preparation of the 2nd day activities

Day 2: (9:30 – 18:30)-27-09-2016

2h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists regarding Adult Training

- Definitions Sofia Silva

- Adult educators training on core competencies to develop multicultural skills – Jorge Humberto

1h: Debate with the 32 participants, moderated by ANJAF specialists, regarding Adult educators training on core competencies to develop multicultural skills

1h: (1)Workshop – Individual Reflexion

1h: Lunch break

1h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists regarding Communication and multiculturality - Cristina Afonso

2h: (2)Workshop with the 32 participants - activity in Communication and multiculturality - Create a Guide

1h: Round table discussion moderated by ANJAF specialists

Day 3: (9:30 – 18:30) 28-09-2016

3h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists regarding Intercultural Education - Interculturality;multiculturality; pluriculturality and Religion -Sofia Castro Pereira

1h: (3)Workshop with the 32 participants in which they are requested to develop a group activity Promoting an intercultural environment

1h: Lunch break

3h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists regarding Immigration and Citizenship -Lígia Évora

Testemunhos - Ibraheem

- Ludmila

1h: Debate regarding the importance of Immigration and Citizenship, moderated by ANJAF specialists, based on the discussions of this day

Day 4 (9:30 – 18:30) 29-09-2016

4h: Role Play: „Being AE educator of a “ethnically diverse” group – an inside look"

1h: Lunch break

1h: Presentation given by the ANJAF specialists regarding the “Integration and respect for cultural diversity”– Apresentação do projecto “Renovar a Mouraria”- Vladimir Vaz

1h: Debate, moderated by ANJAF specialists, of the previous presentation

2h: (4)Workshop with the 32 participants in which these are requested to work in the theme Working with/in a multicultural group.

Day 5 (9:30 – 18:30) 30-09-2016

1h: Presentation given by ANJAF specialists regarding “The Role off Mass Media -demystification / decoding information” Sónia Patacão

1h: Debate moderated by the ANJAF

2h:Workshop "Mass Media Analysis”

1h: Lunch break

2h: Evaluation of the mobility through

- (5) Evaluating the participants' portfolios which contain the results achieved during the period of the blended learning mobility:

o Presentation of a conclusion of each activity

0.30h: (6) Final evaluation test with multiple choice items.

0.30: (7) Self-assessment of the training, made by the participants: personal opinions and testimonies regarding the mobility, the learning outcomes and their use in the professional activities.

0.30h: Validation of the mobility by signing the Mobilipass Certificates.

0.30h: Closing speech by the ANJAF staff, impressions from the participants (the official ending of the mobility).

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