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The target groups to which the project addresses are Adult Educators and Adult Learners.

Diversity in Europe makes it a must to know and understand different traditions, religions and cultures. To live in a more peaceful environment and make Europe a friendly place, it becomes necessary to learn the skills to deal with the challenging situations faced in a multicultural environment. According to Eurostat (2014) there were 33.5 million people born outside of the EU-28 living in an EU Member State on January 2014, while there were 17.9 million persons who had been born in a different EU Member State from the one where they were resident. The co-existence of such diverse groups of people may serve as a source for conflict and the tension between these groups may seem to be unavoidable. However, the social tensions and anti-social deeds generated by multiple factors (i.e. different religious background, different cultural traditions, affiliation to different ethnicities or social clusters, etc.) can be defused and prevented through non-formal and informal education and training for tolerance, acceptance, opening, understanding and reciprocal knowledge, which is exactly  what the Us&Them project intends to do.


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