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A classical methodology will be applied, consisting in:

1. Initiation

2. Planning & Design

3. Implementation

4. Monitoring & Controlling

5.  Closing

First stage (Initiation) is already accomplished.

During Planning & Design we used LFM to elaborate the Project Planning (Gantt chart, budget, work plan, risk analysis, communication, implementation and management plans).

It follows to create specific planning, management & control structures.

Implementation will consist of the processes that we’ll perform to complete the work of the Implementation Plan to accomplish the project's objectives. It will be done by coordinating people and resources, by integrating and performing the foreseen activities of the project. Implementation thus implies tools, organization and roles.

The Monitoring & Controlling will envisage the following aspects:

• measuring the ongoing project activities: where are we, against where we should be?

• monitoring the project variables (cost, effort, scope) against the project management plan and the project baseline (where should we be?).

• identifying corrective actions to address risks and issues: how can we get back on track?

• managing changes using our change control process: what is the impact of this change?

Closing means finishing all activities and splitting up the project team. At this point it is important to know how well the project has performed. After the project closure, partners will ensure its sustainability through the Exploitation & Sustainability Plan.

Our methodology is based on achieving team spirit, participative management, consensus, fair principles, competent management, effective monitoring of the scheduled activities for high performance & success.