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C1. Joint Staff Training


A short-term joint staff training event in Italy.

Working days: 15-19.09.2015.

You can download the C1. Activity Report here...

Working Program...

Location: Staff Consulting s.r.l. premises, Rome, Italy.

  • interaction with professionals, educators, organizations;
  • study visits;
  • debates with stakeholders.


During this mobility abroad, at Staff Consulting s.r.l., the participants:

  • performed study visits  at institutions working with multicultural groups of adult learners;
  • attended meetings with experts and professionals in multicultural education, management of multi-ethnic groups, intercultural relations and behaviours, social integration, conflict mitigation and negotiation;
  • attended meetings with sociologists and social anthropologists;
  • participated in debates and discussions about norms and practices in different societies.


All these, in order to enlarge their multicultural perspectives, substantiate understanding and consolidate comprehension upon approaching peaceful coexistence in mixed societies from cultural, religious, racial and ethnic point of view.

A daily agenda was issued prior to the training event, by the host organization together with the rest of the project partners.

Working language was English.

Participants received an Attendance Certificate issued by Staff Consult s.r.l.